How to Use the BSR Viral Launch Chrome Extension

It is easy to create an exciting viral launch campaign if you know how to use the BSR Viral Launch Chrome Extension. Create free trials, create a great landing page, and follow Google Analytics. This article will teach you how to use this simple extension to automate your marketing plan.

By using BSR you can easily automate your marketing plan. For those who have never created a successful viral launch campaign before, it is a good idea to follow some steps before you even try to automate your marketing.

Know which products work for the specific purpose of reaching a viral launch. You want to be sure that a viral launch product that works for your website is already available.

The right products are not always available when you want them. A lot of people prefer to wait for these products until they are ready to launch a successful viral launch campaign.

This way you can work on finding the right product to create your viral launch. When you are ready you can publish your landing page. Once you are ready then you can set the extension to autopilot.

The BSR extension will take care of the rest. Once you create a free viral launch trial and your landing page, the BSR extension will automatically set the extension to collect your visitor’s email address and create a report of which products worked best for your viral launch. You can then use that information to start optimizing your marketing plan.

The extension can also automate your analytics. By following Google Analytics, you can track all of the action in your marketing plan. This will help you find areas that need attention.

BSR will record the number of visitors to your landing page. The visitor type and their search are recorded as well. After they leave your landing page, the extensions will send them to a different landing page, where they can enter their email address and be taken to your opt-in form.

The statistics will show you which products are performing the best. You can then use this information to tweak your marketing plan. Because you already know which products are working for your marketing plan, you can make the necessary changes to optimize your marketing plan.

You may also find a need to tweak your marketing plan as you see the need for some social media. You can write up a strategy for social media and post it in Google+. Your Facebook fans and followers will see your strategy for social media and use it to market your products.

Once you set up your landing page, the BSR extension will automatically launch a viral launch marketing campaign and create a free trial. This will automatically get the ball rolling and you can focus on other parts of your marketing plan.

It is easy to create an exciting viral launch campaign if you know how to use the BSR Viral Launch Chrome Extension. Learn more about how to use this extension today!